Friday, March 6, 2009

Shri Ganeshaay Namaha

My first blog entry...always wanted to have my own space where I can scribe thoughts, my struggles, my joys. Feels so great to have this space. Hope to be back here again and again....and again. The two blogs I follow regularly are of Shobhaa De's and Amitabh Bachhan's. Couple of things I like about these blogs. Amitabh's blog helps me to learn new english words and improve my english. also reading his blog gives me opportunity to peep into the world of bollywood for which I have great fascination about. Shobhaa's blog is very close to my heart. I admire her for her guts, bravery and down to earth nature. Read her marathi book called 'selective memory' and loved it. That book helped me understand real Shobhaa De. She comments on lots of social aspects and I like that. I agree with lot of her thoughts and at times disagree as well. Which is ok, because healthy differences are always great. Anyway, hope to write more on this space...stay tuned blogdosts :)

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