Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sent from my iPhone

No...this blog is not written from my iPhone...I don't even have iPhone. But I was just wondering how our world has changed. For last couple of years I started seeing emails that had this tagline of 'sent from my blackberry' or 'sent from verizon wireless'. Not sure why we need these taglines. I am like, I don't care how you sent this message. I got the message and that's more important to me. I have some friends who have made a status symbol issue with their iPhone. It's like if you have the latest gadgets and you are technologically savvy, you are cool, you are sexy, you are in. My answer to them : If that's your definition of being 'in', then I am out. I would like to be out, voluntarily.Just keep me out of your circle, please. Why do you have to have all the latest gadgets when you really don't see and feel the need. Just to fit in? May be without buying an iPhone, I will just type a tagline on my emails "sent from my iPhone". Who will know if I really have iPhone or not, right?

Our world is changing and it is changing at such a fast speed. The facebook, the Orkut, twitter, iPhone, text messaging - all forms of instant communications. My parents, grandparents never had this and still they survived, they lived, they succeeded, they managed. I remember my baba writing letters (postcards, inland letters) to all his brothers in Mumbai and then we receiving the replies. It was so much fun to read those letters and know about happenings from their end. It was the time when phones were not common.It was the time when people relied on simple ways of life - letters, chitthis, postman. But did we lack emotions in those times. Heck no. Relationships were much stronger, tighter. At least I believe so. I am not saying technology is bad. Because of Orkut I got reconnected to some of my old schoolmates after almost 17 years, and it feels refreshing. So I can see use of technology in strengthning bonds. But it's how we use that technology. Do we text someone saying Happy B'day or do we make an effort to visit them on that day and actually spend time with them. I think we have to tie real emotions in this equation somewhere, isns't it?

So the next time you read a tagling of my email that says "sent from my iPhone", son't become too happy. It's me who typed that line...not my iPhone. It ain't happening. :)

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  1. Some times these lines are default and many of us (like me) never care about that extra line. That should not ne taken as STATUS Symbol but Should not be assumed that it was added purposly..........I don't care to search the option to make sure that line won't be part of my message............My advise is to ignore bottom lines........ha ha ha........Your article shows that you give lot of importance to such small things........