Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, so I am tired and need a break...totally looking forward to weekend in Cincinnati. I love Cincinnati. That's where it all started. My first air travel was from Mumbai to Cincinnati. Here is this 23 year old guy from India starting for this big adventure called 'studying in America'. I was so scared with all the challenges laying ahead :) It is another story that I landed in Cincinnati after 4 days from starting in Mumbai because of KLM crew being on strike. So Cincinnati has special place in my heart. I landed on Cincinnati airport in the afternoon after making stops in at least 7 different cities around the world and when I landed I was without my bags. My love for the city was immediate. Very historic yet trendy city which has it's own flaws, but who doesn't. Have so many great memories of the city and it's surroundings. Being an international student in a university environment - experience of a lifetime. Met my host family as well as other good friends in this place. This city and it's people gave me tremendous love. This is where I gained my confidence and self esteem. This is the city that helped me accept who I am and bring out the best in me. I owe big time to this wonderful city. Planning to spend some time at Ludlow and of course the very cool Amber restaurant and indulge in their onion kulchas and saag paneer. Downtown shopping is therapeutic for me so already warned Amit that shopping is on the cards :) Macy's and Sacs Fifth is all right there. So, what else you want right ? :)

Anyway, will be back after lots of fun and great memories. I already started feeling so nostalgic....You all have a great weekend.

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