Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cincinnati gateaway

Had blast in Cincinnati during weekend. It was much needed break. For some time now, Amit and I have been thinking of taking a break from hustle and bustle of our lives. And finally we got a reason. It's been 10 year anniversary celebration of my friendship with some of the most loving people in Cincinnati - My host family and some other friends. Just like the geography of the city, my life has gone through some ups and downs in Cincinnati. So it was very special visit to the city. Had really interesting conversations with Sharon and her family. Really cute White american couple in their late 60's. Sharon has been the adventurous one to visit India twice on her own. Love her courage. Topics of our discussions ranged from growing up in the 40's to Obama's kingdom to abortion issues. Being a right wing conservative, Sharon felt her and similar minded people's voice is suppressed in today's world. Amit and I both are very liberal in our view points, but we felt we needed to listen to what Sharon and her husband had to say. I do believe we need to have such conversations - between liberals and conservatives, men and women, straight and gay, hindus and muslims, brahmins and non brahmins and the list can go on. What do such conversations achieve? I think clarity - of your own thoughts and also what the other person's frame of mind is. These dialogues, these conversatiosn play a critical role in our understanding of life, our understanding of world and the interdependency of one another. These dialogues help us to come closer. At times we are scared of such dialogues but the more discussions I ma having, I am getting convinced that it's fruitful. Being honest and upfront with your opinion helps to have transparancy in the relationship. And that transparancy is the basis for trusting relationhips, isn't it?

Saturday and sunday we spent in downtown shopping, eating at Amber and watching a movie at Esquire on Ludlow. Oh, also had opportunity to visit this cool hukka hang out place near UC. I was amazed to see the transformation that UC had gone through. It's like a makeover of the UC. Loved smoking hukka alongwith the exotic middle eastern music and people. Amit refrained from smoking hukka but he doesn't know what he missed. I am of the opinion that you should try everything once in your life time. I am not a smoker and know will never be, but smoking hukka once in your life is not going to make your lungs start complaining !! It's all about knowing your boundaries while you are living life.

Columbus is having really good weather this week and I am loving it. Shorts, t-shirts and bbq's are on calendar. Yesterday had our 1st barbeque for the season and had amazing time. Had Sheetal and company for dinner and they all loved the grilled chicken and other vegetables. I am really excited about spring and summer. This has been a long and harsh winter, so having tons of appreciation for the change of season. Stay tuned for more updates as we enjoy this wonderful weather.....


  1. My first visit to your blog! I like what I see.

    I am sure your conversations with your conservative friend Sharon were good for both you and her. Somewhere, somehow perhaps a seed for curiousity may have been planted. So true, it is important for all of us to have a dialog.

  2. Hey, just bumped into your blog...I must say WOW! nice write up...have fun and enjoy the weather!

  3. Thanks Kiran and Shruti for your comments and encouraging words. Blogging has opened up a totally new world for me and I am loving it. Keep reading and writing :)