Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Diwali time.....Let the fun begins

We have been very busy for last couple of days getting ready for Diwali. It is one festival which is hugely celebrated in India by everyone. Diwali brings back all the fun childhood memories. The days of October/ November when we used to have cool mornings and strong 'October heat' in the afternoon. The making of special Diwali FaraL (special sweets and savories made on this occasion), the making of mud forts, school holidays, greeting relatives, having firecrackers and most importantly getting new outfit. I always looked forward to Diwali as I used to get new outfit on this occasion. It was one festival when everyone was in joyous and happy mood. No matter how stressed your life is otherwise, during Diwali season we celebrated what we had, we celebrated all the good things we have, we celebrated life. This year having aai-baba with us makes it more meaningful. It is them because of whom we are who we are. So, celebrating this special festival with them is very satisfying. Get togethers, calling relatives back home, eating sweets and being thankful for what we are is on cards.

On this special occasion, I wish you all a very happy Diwali. May this festive season bring the 'good' in all of us and may we embrace our lives with passion and happiness. Live like there is no tomorrow and dance like no one is watching. Happy Diwali !!

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  1. Hey Sameer,

    I have read your story over the net, and I really want to congratulate you guys! I have fewer words than my thoughts to express my joy and happiness for you.

    Having said that, I am a Maharashtrain too, from Mumbai, here in the States, and I sometimes feel too helpless, when it comes to communication about my sexuality, to my family and friends (I am not out as yet.) Do you think, it would be okay to just exchange a few words/notes with you guys, I was curious to know how you guys did get through all of this, and maybe you could guide me like your younger 23yo, sibling. Sorry, if this sounds too cheesy, and if I crossed a line anywhere here.

    Thanks, Appreciate that!