Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan's Got talent

I am writing after some time. Have been sick for last one week. So got a chance to rest up and read some wonderful books. Will definitely write about those as well as other experiences while being sick in detail in another post.

I just saw Susan Boyle's performance on youtube where she performed on Britain's Got Talent. Susan Boyle is just an ordinary person, just like you and me but with extra ordinary confidence and extraordinary talent. She participated in Britain's Got talent show as a contestant and hoping to become a singer. She has been singing at her church for last 20 years, she is 47 years old, lives alone with her cat, never been gone on a date or never been kissed (in a romantic way). She tells all this on this show in a very firm and confidant voice. Everyone in the audience looked at her physique, face, personality and literally made assumptions about "what can she sing?" Even the judges made some snobbish comments challenging her talents and dreams. But they gave her a chance and asked her to sing. And what a miracle. As soon as she started singing, within a second she got applauce from everyone. Her voice, her talent touched everyone and people realized how wrong they were in judging her based on her appearance/looks. It was literally - she came, she sang, she conquered. I was personally into tears while watching this performance. You can watch this on youtube. It got me thinking. How many times we make such judgements based on physical appearnaces? Answer is most of the times. Based on how people look, how people present themselves, what people wear...list just goes on and on about external appearance. Unfortunately we operate and compete in a world where more emphasis is given on what you wear and how you look than what your inner talents are and how beautiful you are from within. No one has time boss. Susan's performance was a wake up call - for everyone. It showed that there are these underdogs out there who might not know how to dress up or present themsleves or talk in a most precise way, but when it comes to the real talents, they are by far superior. You need to hear them and you need to appreciate them for what they are bringing to the table.Their talent and their confidence is what takes these underdogs well ahead in the game. I could somewhat corelate with this situation because I felt I was a underdog at one point in time while growing up. Being short, underweight and completely unaware of how to dress well, I always had this inferiority complex. And growing up I never saw role models on TV or in movies who were like me or who fit my profile. But people like Susan inspire the underdogs out there. They tell us that it's ok to be who you are. These external factors don't matter. Main thing is be confident with what you got and face the world with your talent. People better will listen to you then. I know I am always for such underdogs - people coming from lower socioeconomic strata, or people who are completely unaware of how to dress or people who have been socially disadvantaged because of their gender, caste or any other factor. When it comes to talent NONE of these things can and should matter. Thank you Susan for showcasing your talent and making us realize that talent comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Here is the link.

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